Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Congress Who Stole Christmas

("Tax Bill Hysteria")

So maybe the sky didn't fall when Mr. Trump signed the tax bill into existence. No locust, fiery hail, boils or frogs. God didn't decide enough was enough and turn the President to stone. But that doesn't mean this was not an apocalyptic disaster.

This legislation marks the end of Christmas, not its beginning. In the season of brotherhood towards all it stands as unqualified statement of man's inhumanity to man. Mr. Stephens can suggest otherwise, but he fully comprehends in the recesses of his cranium that the Republican soul at work here was not filled with compassion, not focused on lifting up, not representing this country in its finest hour but diminishing it in one of its saddest.

When the true effects of this subterfuge are eventually felt there will be more poverty, more sickness, more suffering. We did not form this Union for such malevolent purpose nor send those we appointed to the Hill to be creators of misery on our behalf.

Shame on those who pretend there was some higher intention at work here. God knows you can do better than this. And more importantly, you know it as well. Don't take pride in what you have done. 

You are the Congress who stole Christmas.


Harvey F Leeds said...

So self centered and selfish!! I am so pissed!!

Anonymous said...

Yep. This is right on.


Anonymous said...

A few years ago, Paul Krugman wrote a very incisive article for the New York Times magazine concerning this very event that is happening now. His prediction about the Team Party has now come to pass. He described these "Starve the Beasters" as select people within the Republican Party who are devoted to the notion that government can do no good. Krugman predicted that they would slash taxes to intentionally create a deficit, and thereby forcing later cuts to Medicare and Social Security. It is now happening.--RE