Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Night Before Christmas 2017

Twas the night before Christmas
When suddenly appeared
A creature before me
Not full with white beard

But a strange shade of orange
His face all aglow
But not from the sun
The wind or the snow

A nightmare his presence
Repulsed by his sight
Why come you before me
On this holy night

I come bearing tales
He said with a smile
And like it or not
I'll stay for a while

And so with my children 
Safely tucked in their bed
He reached up and pulled out 
Some thoughts from his head

He told me of high walls
Of the naughty not nice
He told me of laws
He tried to pass thrice

He told me of small birds
The ones he called tweets
He told me of Dreamers
Who I could not meet

He told me of Spicer 
Of Conway and Flynn
He told me that those
Were the ones without sin

He told me how taxing
This turned out to be
He told of big presents
For a few, just not me

My stocking was empty
And so it would stay
For he was not Santa
Was all he would say 

He talked and he talked
But it just made me mad
No love lived within him
And that made me sad

What kind of Christmas
Will this ever be
I  pray to dear God
Get him far, far from me

And then just like that
Up the chimney he rose
His fat ass was gone
I could just see his toes

Stuck for a second
Then he pulled far away
My nightmare was over
At least for the day

And so on the night before Christmas next year
If there is a chance for some true Christmas cheer
I'll stuff up the chimney and turn off the lights
And hope that the orange man's nowhere in sight


Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best, most cleverest, ever written by any blogger for the past 100 years. Make America Smile Again ��


Anonymous said...

Fantasticđź‘Ť. This made my day.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Such a perfect post. This is one of your best. Going to share with friends and family.


Anonymous said...

younhave found sunshine, beautifully written, but the nightmare ontiques.

Thank you for your wonderful poem


Love it !!

Andie said...

Well said, although the pleasure of reading is somewhat marred by the reality to which you refer. That said, keep at it!!

Anonymous said...

This is a classic! Wonderful! --RE