Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Truth, The Whole Truth and Anything But the Truth

("Trump's Lies vs. Obama's")

When the goal is not for the narrative to fit the facts, but the facts to fit the narrative, you get the death of truth, commonly known as the presidency of Donald Trump.

We recognize that politicians are politicians not saints, even President Obama. Putting a slant on reality is an essential tool of the trade. But Mr. Trump does not stretch or bend logic, he ignores its physics. To make a comparative analysis of the actions of this President and his predecessor on the matter of prevaricating is to bring the concept of false equivalency to a new low (or high possibly).

We now wake each morning bracing ourselves against the latest attack on reality, girding ourselves against another early morning assault on our brains. We are grateful when Mr. Trump is silent. How can that be the best we can expect?

Adding up the lies that emanate from the mouth and fingers of Donald Trump is like counting the number of grains of sand on the beach. After a while you just have to give up trying.

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Charlotte said...

Well said!
Scary... but true.