Monday, January 1, 2018


Well, now that it's been frigid for a couple weeks here in the northeast, we're pretty sure global warming was just a hoax manufactured by the liberal elite. 

And thank you, Mr. President for so eloquently stating what is as clear as the frostbite on the tip of our collective nose. I was waffling on this question until you succinctly provided your stirring diatribe.

Once, just on a single occasion, I hope 2018 brings us words of actual wisdom,  the product of true contemplation and real knowledge from a head that has enough empty space in it to plaster a "for rent" sign.

For merely a moment, let this year bring a tweet that smacks not of sarcasm, not of anger, not of hatred, not of ignorance but of sincerity, of joy, of love and intelligence.

Let there be one time where I do not shudder at our President's destruction of our principles, our morality, our very notion of democracy.

Is it too much to ask that on an issue like climate change our leader have even the most minimal grasp on the depth and breadth of the crisis, that his response be something more than what we could expect of a toddler, that he put his petulance aside for a nanosecond and treat a matter of this magnitude with the seriousness it deserves, we deserve?

For all our sakes, and for the very welfare of our planet, I hope in 2018 that Donald Trump finally begins to comprehend that he has the obligation to try to run this country with compassion and understanding and whatever limited intellect he is capable of mustering.

It is only January 1 and I have an omnipresent fear that there is a long cold winter (thanks for the clarification Donald) ahead. 

Baby it's cold outside.

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Anonymous said...

Nice,especially like the "Baby it's cold outside " ending.