Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 20,2018 - The Women's March

One year ago tomorrow I took this same journey. Bundled up against the cold, fueled by my anger, my pain and resentment, putting him on notice we were out there watching, steadfast and undeterred in our opposition, determined to demonstrate that our collective voice could mute his.

This morning as I ready for the march I re-read my thoughts from 364 days past. I feel the depth of my passion spilling out onto the page. Now it is harder for me, for many of us, to gather that same well of emotion. 

Some who are not joining me today believe attempting to silence him is but a futile chore. There are other places to be, other matters of more pressing attention. As if this day is but charade, a fool's errand, a task without ultimate purpose or meaning. That he has succeeded, with his one voice, in drowning out a million others.

But we dare not grow forlorn or desperate. We dare not despair or lose hope. We dare not say that we are not in this with every ounce of our being. We dare not walk away instead of marching forward.

Today serves as notice to him and as vivid demonstration to us. Today we state, unequivocally, that we are not deterred, that we are not defeated, that we are every bit as powerful now as we were then. That we will not shut our eyes, we will not close our mouths, we will not grow weak of heart or weary of purpose.

Today we remind him, remind ourselves, remind our nation, remind the world that we are better than this, better than him, better than the ugliness that has marked and marred this past year.

This morning the sun is shining despite the darkness that has enveloped us. This morning we arise and march together again, old friends locking arms and raising voices as proud and boisterous declaration that there is indeed strength in numbers and unwavering solidarity in cause. 

This day may still be his but tomorrow, we are certain, will be ours. That is why we march.


Anonymous said...

if i could walk better, i would be there. hope the day goes peacefully lois

Anonymous said...

I hope it will be OK but I’ve edited your blog to hand to one of the leaders of our march today to read if they choose to do so. It is well written.

And thank you.

Robert said...

It would be my honor if this should be read aloud.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

nice piece