Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Open For Business As Usual


If there was one critical message in the January 20th Women's March it was that those who oppose the policies of this President and this Republican controlled Congress should not falter or waver in their beliefs. They should demonstrate by word and deed they will not be deterred or defeated. They should forcefully announce they have the political courage of their convictions. Oops.

For those who doubt Mitch McConnell keeps his promises, you are wrong. Remember this was the man who made his top priority, his most sacred vow, to assure Mr. Obama was but a one term President. And yes, he did all he could to be true to that pledge, as he oversaw a party denominated, with good cause, the party of "no".  So, yes, Mr. McConnell is firmly and intractably dedicated to a single proposition:  that the Democrats should appear weak and feckless. 

It is time for Mr. Schumer and his party to stop governing in polling numbers. Whether or not the government shutdown "plays well" in the moment, having inviolate principles is an intangible asset that is critical to the long term well being of his party. 

In 2013 the Republicans orchestrated a 16 day "halt" in the governing of this nation. Many pundits predicted that this gesture would spell doom in the mid-terms in 2014. History teaches us that this belief was wildly inaccurate. 

America has a very short memory, its attention span being what is served for dinner that day, yesterday's news just that. So the agreement to re-open business as usual and kick the DACA can down the road, based on a vague and meaningless pledge by Mr. McConnell, will not be long recalled as a wise decision by the Dems or inure to their subsequent benefit. Rather, in the haze, it will appear as just another reason to find fault with a party that shows little political backbone.

It is far past time the Democrats stopped taking the temperature of every position, their actions guided by polling numbers rather than passionate beliefs. If those who Dream are worth fighting for, fight for them. 

If you want us to march, and you do, then we expect, no, we demand that you march alongside us. We must fight together, step by step and inch by inch. In vernacular that might well emanate from the White House, the Dems should grow a pair.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe what any politician says - dem or rep


Anonymous said...

Well said!


Anonymous said...

I totally agree, the over-reliance on polls only weakens a party's ability to teach a feckless public about the issues. Passion must translate into educating people about the real issues. Only then can the Democrats succeed.--RE

Bruce said...

These are tough times. The GOP titular head Mitch MacConnell is a masterful politician--noxious, nefarious and malevolent, but masterful. He and his colleagues are okay with the federal government being shut down because it is their ultimate goal. Who would want "non-essential "government up and running if it is going to regulate industry, regulate Wall Street, regulate guns, dole out Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Section 8 vouchers, EBT cards, bloc grants to states, subsidize Amtrak, repave the interstate road system, enforce the Clean Air Act, enforce the Clean Water Act, preserve our natural resources or expose the Energy Department's giveaway to the coal industry.

So, simply put, government shut downs DO NOT WORK for responsible members of the Democratic Party; and getting CHIP fully funded along with a promise to take care of DACA is a good settlement.

For now, we all know that it is the unknowing, unbecoming president who has no clue on how to make a deal in Washington. He 'blew up' the immigration deal that was brought to him because he listened to Stephen Miller, who is the second iteration of Roy Cohn. He looks like him and talks like him.

I think, though, that Trump may be going crazy--probably, due to a non-diagnosed case of syphilis.

Anonymous said...

Is there a Letter to the Editor Hall of Fame? PB

Anonymous said...

good one!


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