Tuesday, January 9, 2018


Oprah. Just one name. Celebrity personified. 

This nation is led, or more accurately, misled by a celebrity who is uniquely unqualified for his post.

 Is the lesson of Mr. Trump that experience is paramount?

Or, alternatively is it that his myriad pronounced personal deficiencies render his lack of political background mere footnote?

Mr. Trump does not read, does not contemplate, does not have a filter and lacks any attention span. He is selfish and self indulgent. He surrounded himself with people with little or no political history, men and women chosen not for their astuteness or savvy but for their bloodlines, their willingness to flatter, their money. Stupidity meets incompetency. A perfect storm..

Oprah, it would appear, would suffer none of those shortcomings. She is bright, well read and deeply committed to the welfare of humanity. And she would most certainly not make the same error as Mr. Trump in choosing those who could act as her mentors and her surrogates.

But it diminishes the office of the presidency and brings the conversation down to Mr. Trump's level, puts the game on his terms, to treat a lifetime of training as irrelevant. To seriously consider Ms. Winfrey, as tempting as it sounds, would be an error. 

And, hypothetically speaking, if I were to court a strong, fiercely intelligent, moral and dedicated black woman, even one who has held no political office, to be the standardbearer in 2020 for the dems, Oprah would not be my first choice.

There is another, a force of nature, her speeches maybe even more powerful than that of her husband, a brilliant and compassionate woman who has seen firsthand the demands of the job and intimately knows what is required. Her name is Michelle.


Anonymous said...

I agree and have been saying the name Michelle for a long time. Even during the last election cycle. And what about Kamala? I do think a smart, knowledgeable black woman from the mid West has all the right qualities.

Know I appreciate your early morning writings.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! That's a campaign I'd love to get involved in.


Anonymous said...

I actually think Oprah would have a better chance.


Robert said...

I too think that Michelle would be carrying the baggage of all the hatred that the right (wrong) had for her husband, plus the whole "not another family dynasty" train of thought. But in a "perfect" world, Michelle has shown the grace, skill and understanding that one would hope for in a leader.

Her speeches at the Democratic convention and late in Hillary's campaign were stirring, inspirational and aspirational. The bar has not fallen since then, it has totally disappeared

Anonymous said...

Very good.