Thursday, January 25, 2018

Reading, Writing and Guns - Another School Shooting

We knew it could come to this. That another horrific shooting in a school would be relegated to mere footnote. We have become numb, outrage morphing into exhaustion, determination now mere resignation.

There are no words to adequately describe our disappointment and disgust for those who turn a blind eye to our national tragedy, our national travesty. 

From the solemn thoughts of President Obama, from his fervent pleas and plaintive cries for sanity to the profound and utter silence of this White House, we now stand accused as co-conspirators, complicit in each and every death that comes before its time.

We no longer demand change, no longer even require conversation. 

The words gun and control now seeming irretrievably mutually exclusive. And that is the greatest tragedy of all.

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Anonymous said...

Sad but true. Perhaps if some mad man would take out the NRA at their convention, then we might get some action on gun control.