Friday, January 12, 2018

The Eighth Dirty Word

Step aside George Carlin with your seven dirty words. There is a new kid in town, the fastest foul mouth of them all.

There should be a restraining order keeping Donald Trump's mouth a thousand feet away from any school zone.

There is no bottom here. Tomorrow and for as many to come as we are saddled with this shithole, there will be this and worse. There is no off switch. There is no time out in the corner to think about what you said. There is nothing else, nada, rien.

I don't want excuses, I won't countenance explanations, don't you dare give me rationales. A shithole is and will always be a shithole.

There must be an eighth dirty word that slipped past Mr. Carlin. One that is so grotesque and horrid it peels 
paint by its mere repetition, an obscenity that makes all other obscenities blush. I think I have it.



Anonymous said...

What took u so long


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable Times we live in. - Thanks


Anonymous said...

I was waiting for this!! Expected it yesterday😘


Anonymous said...

For most of us, there are just no words anymore to describe this maniac. But you still have them - this helped ease my pain this morning!


Anonymous said...

Bravo, kiddo....

The man is an abomination.

Send this one to the NYT


Anonymous said...

I would gladly go to any of those shithole countries knowing that asshole is not there running them

Bruce said...

I feel sorry for every teacher, parent, coach, clergyperson, probation officer, scoutmaster and entertainer who is trying to successfully teach a child NOT to use foul language. The job has become impossible with this guy in the oval office.

Meanwhile, I just saw a tear rolling down the cheek of Lady Liberty in New York harbor. She never thought that a US president would use such invective against a predominantly black country and an entire continent.