Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The State of Illusion

There will be no mention of myriad school shootings, environmental disasters, failure to eviscerate health care, loss of standing in the eyes of the world, puerile battles with other leaders, no ugly tweets, no escalating tensions, no separating of families, no thought of Mexico paying for the wall, no mention of the state of the Union he inherited with its rising stock market and lowering unemployment, no Vladimir Putin, nothing of China eagerly stepping into the vacuum he created, nothing of Donald Jr or Steve Bannon, no personal  plundering, no sexual abuses, no 94 rounds of golf, no weekends at Mar-a-Lago or Bedminster, no talk of good Nazis,no investigations or obstruction, no Donald Trump unfocused, uncaring, unwilling and unable.

Rather we will hear of the State of illusion with all its superlatives, with  manufactured triumphs, with an America that is, in this telling, stronger and better because of what he has done.

There will be many who refuse to watch, unwilling after enduring a year of his petulance, his hatreds, his total and complete lack of diplomacy or direction, to be subjected to a speech replete with alternative facts and glaring omissions. 

As for me, I fear I will be as one who turns his eyes towards a train wreck. Sickened and fascinated, unable to break away.

And also because, for better and certainly for much worse, he is our President.


Anonymous said...

SO EXCELLENT! I wish you were the speech writer for the Democratic response tonight. We can only hope that Joseph Kennedy uses half of what you just wrote. Well done!--RE

Anonymous said...

i'll be watching investigative discovery-murder and mayhem


Anonymous said...

I will not be watching... cannot bear to.. thank goodness for HGTV


Anonymous said...

You know I send your posts and the link out to many....
Here is what my friend Cindy (they live in Toronto and have a place here in our building as well....she is an attorney who speaks across Canada and beyond) said about YOU:

“I hope your friend Robert knows that the real enduring power resides in the people of the U.S., rather than in any one person. ‎ Robert has power to affect hearts and minds. Stay positive dear friend!”

Indeed, she got that right cuz you always get it right....so keep “writing!”

This will be a State of the Onion Address!



Anonymous said...

Right on, as usual. PB

Anonymous said...

Thank you for faithfully expressing my thoughts so succinctly. Please, please continue to capture our desperation because we know we are not alone. I am one who sits out on this speech as I cannot tolerate hearing this man describe his alternative reality. I cannot look at the complicit republicans either.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Unfortunately right on target.


Anonymous said...

J and I also talked about the pros and cons of watching, and compared it to that hideous urge that compels one to view a disaster or wreck. We’ll probably watch, to see and hear the charade for ourselves. It will be tough; I can hardly bear to look at him or hear his voice, let alone let alone be hailed as Commander in Chief by a despicable crowd of ethically challenged sycophants.