Monday, February 5, 2018

A Super Super Bowl

I have to say this was a wonderful Super Bowl. Even if my only thought was hoping that somehow both teams would lose.

I am a die hard Yankee fan so I know a thing or two about hubris. And while I might not appreciate the unfettered animosity of those who despise my team, I have no particular problem expressing similar sentiments towards the Brady Bunch. How wonderful it would be to humble them, like the Giants did but a millennium or two past.

But then I have nothing but quiet loathing for those in the town of the Broad Street Bullies, with their Rocky steps and that Herm Edwards fumble return. And while I hate the Cowboys and their "America's team" moniker, there is enough ugliness in me to wish the NFC rivals from down the road in Philly only the worst.

So I was more than prepared to find this spectacle a spectacular bore, all hype and no substance. But as this played out like a real life video game, with the defenses apparently having already started their off season vacations, and the punt suddenly an endangered species, it became a joyful evening of watching absurd skills on prominent and permanent display.

And today as the Eagles soar and the Patriots lick their wounds, I must admit that this was a game for the ages. And maybe, just maybe, I could forgive both teams their excellence for one unforgettable night.


Anonymous said...

Well done!!!

So then — with your tremendous sense of fairness and love of all, time to run for office and save the country and the world!!! 😉


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Great game.


Anonymous said...

Excellent game! I think even the writer Malcolm Gladwell enjoyed it.--RE