Friday, February 16, 2018

Bang, Bang, Shoot, Shoot

Let us, for once, stop pretending and start facing the hard inevitable truth. We are a nation filled with white, male addicts.

Don't just point to the NRA, or simply try to rewrite the Second Amendment, or merely tell us Congress is to blame. A significant segment of our population is  consumed with holding a gun in their hands, their opioid. We don't only need legislation. We need rehab.

Why don't we learn the lessons of yesterday and today, as our children lie in graves, our classrooms become nothing more than targets and our peace of mind lays in tatters on blood soaked floors? It is because the pull of our addiction is stronger than the love of family. Consequences be damned. Those who are consumed  see no further than the end of the barrel of a gun, the rest of the world lost in the haze. They do not hear the screams, they do not notice the tears, they do not feel the agony.

All they worry about is getting the next hit.

Stop crying about the insanity of it all. That gun they cradle and caress is just another version of a needle in the arm or a pill in our mouth. We, as a country are in desperate need of help.


Charlotte said...

Spot on!

Anonymous said...

Total BS. Over 500 homicides in Chicago with 0ver 90% black on black crime. Wake up. If it were up to you and your kind the only people with guns would be the criminals. Criminals are addicted to guns in their hands, and you never cast your hatred on them. Only white people. And your timing is so inconvenient. As we learn today the FEDS once again prove they cannot perform their most basic and fundamental objective: keeping Americans safe. FBI is responsible for 17 of our kids death. They had at least 39 warnings. Just more big government failure. Is it any wonder law abiding people want to have guns to protect themselves when government fails continuously. Shove your idiotic opinions.


Anonymous said...

Epic FBI failure. Too busy chasing phony dossier down rabbit holes to protect American kids. Wray needs to resign. FBI has zero credibility.

Anonymous said...

Truth is radical left prefers to protect illegal criminal aliens than innocent American citizens.