Wednesday, February 14, 2018


The Olympics as platform for political statement. Hitler in Munich in 1936. Streets cleaned of any sign (literal) of the coming Jewish extermination then in its nascent stages. An attempted display of power and dominance, coupled with an image of a nation not consumed with evil intent.

And yes, we understand that the presence of North Korea, the cheerleaders, the sister of their leader, the combined women's hockey team, the pairs skating team are all designed for a purpose.  It is a choreographed dance informing the world that we are not the monsters you would suggest. We are as human as you, with similar emotions, desires, goals. 

Can this lead to detente? It presents but the smallest sliver of hope, for reality will likely shortly superimpose its presence on the image now projected. The saber rattling will reemerge. 

But for a fortnight, we will be spared the constant drumbeat of threats, of flexing political muscles, of looming disaster.

It could be perceived as a start, but it is far more probable it is mere mirage. 


Anonymous said...

i agree lois

Anonymous said...

Having toured the DMZ several years ago, I can truly say that the provocations come from North Korea. Each year over the last several years, they dig tunnels from North Korea to South Korea, wide enough to drive tanks through. Then the South Koreans blow the tunnels up. In the coming months, North Korea will attempt to test their first hydrogen bomb, having 1000 times the power of the previous atom bomb test. We need a miracle in diplomacy.--RE

Anonymous said...

Well written and said