Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The Ballad of Dooh Nibor

This is a plan that does not leave intention to surmise, to nuance. One that reveals a heart of stone and a head full of nothing but chest thumping macho. Alms for the rich and crumbs for the rest.

It is as if the ideals that made this country great vanished with a stroke of a pen and a tweeting finger.

But I owe the president a debt of gratitude (along with much other debt). For his requested budget shows the emperor with no clothes, revealing that beneath the bluster there is nothing but a tiny man with evil intent.  

For our leader and his party it is not an embarrassment of riches but merely an embarrassment. The facade of fiscal restraint gone, the fiction of protecting the poor and downtrodden vanishing with every dollar taken from their pockets.

A bold declaration that would make Dooh Nibor proud.

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Anonymous said...

Acchh!!! THe man is so terrible. I read a skewe ring piece about him at one of his rallies last summer by Martin Amis is his new collection " The Rub Of Time".