Monday, February 19, 2018

The Perfect 30th Birthday Present - A Weapon of Mass Destruction

("No Country for Young Men with AR-15's")

What have we become? Your 30th birthday present an AR-15? Is this a serious suggestion by Mr. "Don't Do(u)That"?

What have we become? Is acquiring the right to possess a weapon that has ABSOLUTELY no useful purpose in our society to be treated with the same seriousness of purpose as being of necessary age to drive a car?

What have we become? This is not a question of maturity, of being able to handle the vicissitudes of life so that you don't turn your assault rifle on a classroom of children or a nightclub full of gay men and women or a crowd listening to a concert. Rather, this is a question of the insanity of arguing that at 18, 21, 30 or 100 years of age there is valid reason for giving one the capacity to even contemplate these actions.

What have we become? When did we decide that the phrase "we are coming to take away your guns" was akin to the bubonic plague? When did our moral fortitude disappear?

Mr. Douthat, I have a better suggestion for 30th birthday present. A day without the imminent threat of another Parkland.

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