Thursday, March 15, 2018

17 Dead in Parkland - How Many More?

"Four dead in Ohio. How many more?"

It is as if, a half century later, this land has again been awakened by its youth. In this generation, Parkland is home to the question, "seventeen dead, how many more" and the thunderous response is "enough is enough".

Fifty years ago we were the voice of protest, our hearts unsullied, our anger unwavering, our cries unrelenting. We would not take silent rebuke as an answer. We would not die anymore because our elders were either unwilling or unable to stop the bleeding.

And now, almost twenty years after Columbine, after we have perished in far too many numbers in far too many places, after we have grown old and weary and failed ourselves and our children, after defeat has become an all but acknowledged inevitability, after our voice has been diminished to a pathetic whisper, after all of this we have borne witness to the incredible sight coming today from our nation's classrooms.

From sea to shining sea they rose up as one. They stood united in their commitment to cause, imbued with a spirit we have not seen since the days of Vietnam.

How many more? None. 


Anonymous said...

I believe


Anonymous said...

From Parkland, amen to that!