Saturday, March 3, 2018

All Star Nose Holders

While Jeff Sessions is certainly an All Star fawner he is far from the MVP of that league. Here are just four of the many worthy candidates for consideration:

1. Chris Christie - what list could not begin with the loud mouthed former king of insults who looked like he needed the bathroom break Hillary took as he stood behind Donald, practically genuflecting for the job the unfortunate Mr. Sessions now holds in his slimy fingers. If only Chris hadn't jailed Jared's dad.

2.  Mitt Romney - after reminding us that Mr. Trump should run a weak second in a race for dog catcher, he was just about first in line to apply for work as his Secretary (of State) as soon as Donald was taking applications. Now seeking to become a Senator in Utah, can he, as a devout Mormon, forgive and forget Mr. Trump's trespasses as a man and as  President?  Endorsement accepted.

3. Rick Perry - after calling Trump a cancer, it appears that this disease was miraculously cured as the man who couldn't remember that third thing that should be gone, now heads that thing, and protects the nuclear arsenal that the President threatens to use against his North Korean doppelganger.

4. Jared Kushner - yes, the President's favorite (and least favorite) son in law, who comes from a family whose political views are allegedly far removed from those of Ivanka's daddy. Maybe he thought he could kiss not only his wife but the Donald's ring and turn his father in law from monster into human being. Now, Jared contemplates banishment and possibly a six by nine foot bedroom as just compensation for selling his soul to the devil.

Mr. Sessions may hold his nose and bite his tongue every day that he has to deflect Donald's slings and arrows, but he should gain a measure of comfort in knowing there are many other qualified nose holders just a sniff away.

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Anonymous said...

Guess you could have used another word - you were kind