Friday, March 23, 2018

Captain Queeg's Doppelganger

Please don't hide the strawberries.  

Mr. Trump's doppelganger, Captain Queeg, relieved of his post by the invocation of the equivalent of a 25th Amendment proceeding, his incapacity causing those in his command to mutiny.

The last several frenetic weeks have seen the removal or resignation of H.R.McMaster, John Dowd, Rex Tillerson, Gary Cohn and lesser lights Hope Hicks and Josh Raffel.  Those eyewitness to a rudderless ship in the storm, either jumping or pushed overboard.

But unlike the fictional Bounty, this White House will not be the scene of a coup. There will be no impeachment proceedings, just a changing of the guard to those more willing to tolerate, accept and even foster the insanity of their leader.

Mr. Trump, like his doppelganger, constitutionally unable to admit his mistakes, maybe not rolling metal balls between his fingers, but unleashing his delusions and paranoia with every angry, accusatory tweet.

Captaining a ship sinking before our unbelieving eyes.


Anonymous said...

Fun to read -thanks


NL said...

Need a lot more than Dramamine for this insane ride! HELP!!


Anonymous said...

Great analogy to Queeg. WIshed he looked a little more like Bogart.
Yesterday was a horror show for me. The Bolton appointment scares me to death.
I think he may convince Trump to drop the bomb on Korea, Iran or New York( your pick).
Added to that I watched the interview with the playboy bunny Karen Mcdougal and was again astounded at the admiration Trump conjures up in stupid and uneducated people. SHe actually said that he, Trump, was a nice looking man and had great posture. HEy! I am a figure artist and
I have drawn thousands of bodies. HIs body is pure plum and his posture a compensation for his shape.
This brings posthumous shame on High Hefner for hiring such a dumb bunny in the first place.
HE has done better in the past. After all he hired Gloria Steinham once upon a time.
I am looking forward to seeing what Bill Mahr does with all this tonght.


Anonymous said...

I agree w your reader about Bolton...and Pompeo...The last time I was this scared I was in grade school and we had to have atomic bomb alerts. PB