Sunday, March 4, 2018

Chief of Staph

("How Long Can John Kelly Hang On?")

John Kelly brings no honor to himself in the task of defending this border, in fighting to preserve a paper thin illusion of presidential competence, in doing battle on behalf of one so wholly unworthy of his station.

For a general who believes fiercely in America, he cannot possibly remotely believe in this American.

And for Mr. Kelly, if he perceives the opportunity to bend Mr. Trump to his will, there are a mountain of bodies strewn along this road who have tried and failed from Steve Bannon to Reince Priebus Jeff Sessions to the President's own son in law. Mr. Trump is far too volatile, far too neurotic, far too easily swayed against as well as for. 

Working for Mr. Trump is a suicide mission. Maybe not today, or even tomorrow, but one day soon. And for those whose necks do not suffer the guillotine, there is ultimately the determination to fall on one's own sword.

It is why so many choose not to go to war for Mr. Trump, thoughts of preservation of career, integrity and sanity outweighing the mesmerizing allure of power.

When will John Kelly go? He is already gone, he just doesn't know it. Defeat in this arena is an inevitable as death and taxes. 

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Anonymous said...

Well said. So frustrating. We can only hope that better times are coming.