Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Fire and Fury Redux

This is the real fire and fury.  Rex Tillerson but the latest to incur the wrath of Donald Trump. The "moron" doing his worst once again.

Mr. Trump now promises to form an administration to his liking. But what was his intention in the earlier days of his presidency? Were those he"trump"eted during the transition not aligned with his views? And if not, was that a failure to properly vet, a failure of Mr. Trump to have any policy positions, a failure to understand the role of those working under him or a failure to surround himself with those who primary mission was merely to protect the President (goodbye to Mr. Comey)? The inescapable conclusion is yes, yes, yes and yes.

We worry more each day as the President tries to put together a new group whose primary responsibility is to allow the whims and wishes of Mr.Trump to move forward unfettered and unchallenged. 

Which is exactly when the other fire and fury is likely to be unleashed.


Anonymous said...

Bozo not moron

Anonymous said...

Another day in the District of Chaosland.


Anonymous said...

This president's election is the direct result of the Supreme Court's moronic Citizens United decision. allowing the oval office to be purchased with unlimited streams of corporate money. There will be more morons to come--RE