Thursday, March 1, 2018

No Hope for the Fool on the Hill

The old gang is falling apart. Hope has decided there is none and, like Elvis, has left the building. Jared has been downgraded to chew toy and may soon be even further down the food chain. And the puppeteer Bannon has been banished to, well, we are not sure in what (shit)hole he has landed. 

What does Donald have left apart from that relationship with Ivanka which leaves us feeling somewhat squeamish? Surrounded now by generals, where are his pals and confidants? Don't you get the sense that the next tweet coming from the Emperor may be "et tu Brute"?

If he weren't such a totally despicable human being one could almost feel sorry for the dictator. Picture him in solitary confinement with his double cheeseburger, Melania as far away from the king as humanly possible, Donald staring at the screen and wondering why his only friends are those staring back at him from Fox News.

"Day after day alone on the hill ...  and nobody wants to know him, they can see that he's just a fool."

And then there were none.


Anonymous said...

When will this long national nightmare be over?

Anonymous said...

i love you

Bruce said...

There were five big stories out of the White House which has been transformed to the Playboy Mansion on the Potomac--Kushner's downgrade; Hoop Hick's resignation; Manafort's plea of Not Guilty to further charges; Trump's bait and switch on gun control; and, my favorite because of the level of anger it stirred in me---Jared Kushner's obtaining over $500,000,000 in real estate loans to his private company by Citibank and a hedge fund after soliciting the loan officers in his White House office.

This is the most brazen form of influence-peddling ever.

It makes Bobby Baker, Tea Pot Dome, Bert Lance and even Spiro Agnew pale by comparison.

And the GOP is silent. Kushner should resign today and spare himself of an ethics inquiry. In one case Kushner offered a job to the lender and in another case he discussed infrastructure and trade policy as a means of getting bribed.

David B said...

sure, Jared should crawl back into his hole, Hope is leaving the sinking ship, and trump should resign too, scary that there would only be military surrounding him BUT, then we would get Pence and Karen. That is scary too. Let's hope trump sticks around thru the next election, in 2018 maybe 2020, where the Dems should re-take Congress.