Monday, March 19, 2018

Subjective Reality

Mr. Blow's error is in drawing a conclusion from verifiable information. In 2018, we commence with conclusions and then work backward to create underlying facts. 

It is the obvious distinction between objective and subjective reality. And objective reality is so yesterday.

It is why Mr. Trump is right about the trade deficit with Canada, about the Mueller probe, about crooked Hillary, about anything and everything. You see, what Mr. Trump says it is, it is.

Mr Blow, just vigorously nod your assent when Mr. Trump testifies that day is night, up is down, trade wars are good, global warming is a hoax, there is a 400 pound man eating bonbons in bed while screwing up our elections, and Stormy Daniels is but an interesting name for a weatherperson.

The world is a serene place if you stop trying to insert objective reality into the conversation. And Mr. Trump's hair naturally falls into place.

In this universe,  it is Donald Trump who cannot tell a lie. And he says Hillary cut down that damned cherry tree.


Anonymous said...

A response to Charles Blow's column,yes? I must always read the paper first before reading your columns. You are always a day ahead of me., smart guy.


Anonymous said...

it just might be his hair, or lack of it, that just might do him in