Friday, March 2, 2018

The Stench

("Ties That Bind")

When the presidency is but the latest iteration of The Apprentice you are begging for disaster.

When your boardroom is mere showcase for family and friends, when experience and understanding of the complexities are not part of the job description, when loyalty is your only demand, when blood is thicker than readiness, you are begging for disaster.

When you have no gravitas, no acumen, no integrity, no interest in the intricacies of your craft, when discipline is anathema to your every instinct, when such is the message permeating and infecting your workplace, you are begging for disaster.

And thus the world according to Trump unravels, as Jared and Ivanka's incompetence and self dealing place them and this nation in harm's way. 

An apprentice is one tasked with learning a craft at the feet of a skilled mentor. When those feet stink to high hell, the ones who are supposed to absorb the lessons of their master only end up smelling horrendous.


David B said...

I don't think that an apprenticeship would help any of them, for one, has to have a brain, some semblance of compassion, openness to ideas, ....no, I don't think that there is any help for them.

Anonymous said...

Our enduring liberal democracy is hardly threatened by the onerous tweets, hubris, and transient presence of Donald J. Trump. However, our liberal democracy is much threatened by the corrosion of a postmodern progressivism that has abandoned the precepts of the Enlightenment: Reason, objectivity, tolerance, and individual liberty for state-defined homogenization of values, divisive identity politics, limitations on individual expression, emotion rather than reason and a remarkable lack of objectivity. That smells worse.