Tuesday, March 20, 2018

We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident

("The Wrong People Are Criticizing Donald Trump")

Here are some bipartisan resolutions recently introduced:

1) Declaring March 8 as International Women's Day
2) Establishing Developmental Disabilities Awareness Day
3) Condemning acts of violence against Burma's Rohingya population
4) Condemning migrant slave auctions in Libya
5) Establishing National Veterans History Progress Week
    6) Condemning white supremacist groups

This is not to minimize the importance of any of the above, but would it not be of equal concern that there be added to that list a joint resolution of condemnation for the tenor of our political discourse, and by implication, the actions of this President?

If the Republicans as a body wish to show even a scintilla of courage, let there be sponsors from both sides of the aisle who introduce a statement declaring every day National Civility Day in politics, mandating without equivocation that all in Congress agree that those invested with the public trust must perform their duties with honor, integrity, without the stain of pettiness or vindictiveness, with a responsibility to treat those with whom they deal with respect and courtesy befitting their station, and pledging to honor their office and this country by providing honest service and truthful reporting.

This does not have to be a specific rebuke of the practices of Mr. Trump, but rather a general statement of purpose and intent. Let the Republicans show they have the backbone and the moral fortitude to speak out against the omnipresent abuses.

I would hope that all those in office, Republican or Democrat, would hold to these self evident truths and could take a minute from the sniping and finger pointing to join hands to make it known (to borrow a phrase from the children of Parkland) that enough is enough.


Anonymous said...

Civility is important but criminal activity and cooperation with our enemies is a bit worse.

Anonymous said...

This has got to get into
The NY Times, the Washington Post and far beyond......


Anonymous said...

May it be so. Civility where have you gone? Excellent piece. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

I concur. … and some nice feedback.


Michael Gansl said...

As much as I agree with you, I unfortunately believe you are preaching to the choir.
The Republicans have consistently shown they do not have the backbone and the moral fortitude to speak out against the omnipresent abuses.