Monday, April 30, 2018

All He Is Saying Is Give Peace a Chance

When did we trade in Hitler/Mussolini for John Lennon/Mahatma Gandhi? Was Mr. Trump just saying "give peace a chance" when he waxed eloquent on the size of his weapon and reining fire and fury upon North Korea? Is this what the orange face of diplomacy looks like in the 21st Century?

This is our version of htraE, the Bizarro world in which everything is backward, where bad is good and Donald Trump, it is hard to even put these words together on paper, can be mentioned in the same sentence as the Nobel Peace Prize.

This is a man who has flaunted his indecency and lack of morality as a badge of honor, treating human suffering like a chew toy. From Mexicans to Muslims, those seeking shelter from the storm have been treated with absolute contempt and disdain. He has assaulted our senses and likely binders full of women. He has threatened nuclear conflagration as if life was but a disposable commodity.

But, it would seem there is a possibility of peace in Korea. And what part in this would be attributable to our leader? As Mr. Trump in his understated way advises us, "Everything."  

And if this possibility should one day soon morph into reality, if we mistrust but verify that Kim Jong-Un has dismantled his nuclear facility and capability, does Donald Trump deserve recognition as the greatest peacemaker on the planet? Do we forgive and forget his omnipresent transgressions, his myriad and daily reminders of what a despicable human being he is?

For the sake of our universe, I hope the seemingly impossible occurs, the Koreas unite and the fear of a nuclear North Korea is no more. But a noble and Nobel Mr. Trump? Only in Bizarro world. 

And maybe ours.


Anonymous said...

Mentioning Donald Trump elicits much the same sensation for me as holding a mouthful of warm vomit...and yet, where before there was only a path to war there is now the (still unlikely) possibility of peace between the Koreas and at the least a ratcheting back of nuclear weapon creation and deployment. I can only attribute that to real pain sanctions have caused, which is the culmination of a long term campaign of isolating NK over many years, but more likely the final straw that brought Kim to the table is China telling Rocket Man (remember Kim's secret train trip to China several weeks ago?) that this American president is actually insane enough to blow him off the map and maybe start WW3. In a way this is typical of Trump, bludgeoning, threatening, and suing anyone and everything that stands in his way into submission. That it seems to be working in Korea is bitter medicine indeed. How could anyone possibly reward such a crass, vicious maniac the Nobel Prize? Many on both sides of the great political divide will postulate that before Trump, no one changed the course of events in NK. Now a different path has appeared. Peace would certainly be welcome; along with it, more vomit.

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