Thursday, April 5, 2018

Donald Trump's War of Words (with himself)

On The Wall-

We will build the biggest most beautiful wall and Mexico will pay for it, believe me.

We will build the biggest most beautiful wall and we will pay for it (and maybe Mexico will send us a note of congratulations)

Who needs a wall when we have the National Guard?

On Tariffs-

10%, 25% who knows how high it will go. We are done being everyone's fool

Well maybe that doesn't include our friends from Mexico and Canada, and maybe anyone else whose name doesn't start with China

You mean China took us seriously? Let's talk


The absolute worst, rip it up deal (apart from Iran) in the history of deals

Maybe it could use a little tweaking, but otherwise what are you complaining about?

On North Korea

I am going to blow Little Rocket man and his whole shithole country into a million little pieces

Now, tell me again, which is his first name? Should I wear a red tie or blue one when we meet?


I love the Dreamers and I will make laws that show you how I feel.

DACA is dead. And ICE is coming to get you.

On Collusion and Obstruction of Justice

Read my lips. There has been no crime here. It is all fake news.

Well, maybe a little wrongdoing from a few people I don't even know from years before I even thought about leading us all into the abyss.

It is Donald Jr.  Maybe Jared. But definitely not me, or Ivanka. Could be Ivanka.


Anonymous said...

I love this… It captures the insanity of the dope in the White House.-Sac

Anonymous said...

Hysterical! That's the leader of the free world. Holy cow.--RE