Thursday, April 26, 2018

Me and Rudy

("Robert Mueller's Last Resort")

As we speak of contingency plans, what ifs and whistle-blowers, as we ponder hypotheticals and weigh options, Mr. Trump continues on his daily path of destruction. While Mr. Mueller meticulously moves forward, month after agonizing month, building a case, trying to "turn" witnesses, step by step and inch by inch, the orange faced joker struts and frets his forever hour upon the stage.

I am, in this moment, a supporter of Mr. Trump's latest stooge, Mr. Giuliani. For you see, justice delayed is in fact justice denied. Every extra hour the President sits on his throne feels an eternity. Every misbegotten tweet, every foreign policy misstep, every morning we wake up wondering what disaster will be inflicted upon us from the Oval Office, is our national form of water torture. 

And though I do believe that Mr. Mueller should, in the best of all possible worlds, dot every I and cross every T, this is far from that world, and the one we now inhabit will be better served by a little more speed and a touch less thoroughness.

So Rudy, if you can convince Mr. Mueller to move matters along a little it would be much appreciated. While the waiting may be annoying Donald, it is slowly killing all of us.

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Anonymous said...

I find myself saying "slowly I turn, step by step, inch by inch,"...