Saturday, April 21, 2018

Putting Words In the Mouth of Donald Trump

("The Man Behind the President's Tweets")

Are we to believe Mr. Scavino is a voice in Mr. Trump's head, ranking up there with the Fox News crew, planting words in the President's mouth and thoughts on his screen?  That he is no longer making $200 a loop but now nearly $500 every day of the year, handing the President occasional punch lines instead of a driver or three wood?

Mr.Trump will steal from anyone and claim it as his own if it plays well. And well, maybe Mr. Scavino is the evil behind the evil. But Mr. Scavino's main job qualifications are kiss up and shut up. 

So though Mr Scavino may have a 280 character flaw, the one character trait he obviously possesses is the most precious commodity in the President's universe: "a higher loyalty." Just like Michael Cohen (oops).

And this means that the man who may sometimes be responsible for putting distressing comments on our computers and knots in our stomach will keep his mouth firmly shut when asked if he is not actually a caddy but the one swinging the club.

Yet whether Mr. Scavino is something more than mere lucky loser,  like Mr. Lewandowski or Mr. Cohen, making a career out of being a sycophant, the essence of Mr. Trump is embodied in every ugly tweet, every misbegotten rant. 

And even should Mr. Scavino be a part time Shakespeare of slime, in the final analysis he is but a vessel, spewing the President's bile through his fingers. 

Like a well paid prostitute, doing disgusting acts for the right price. Something with which Mr. Trump might have a passing familiarity.

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