Monday, April 23, 2018

The Mirage

("America Abhors Impeachment")

So it is only now that we awaken to the stark reality that Mr. Trump is going nowhere soon? That it is somehow a revelation that the chance of impeachment is less than awakening tomorrow to a crewcut, pale faced Mr. Trump?

Our hatred of everything about this President has clouded our thinking process and made many believe that an overwhelming force would penetrate the minds of Republicans in Congress and inevitably lead to the expulsion of a singular stain on our democracy. It ain't happenin'.

The Dems will struggle to regain control of the Senate, as 26 of 35 seats up for grabs in November are already in their hands. Many of these races will be in states that voted overwhelmingly Republican in 2016. And if the numbers fall as we dream and the Senate has a change in control, what about the House?

The Republicans presently hold 237 of 435 seats. No matter the myriad failures of the President, there is love for one's own Congressperson, gerrymandering, voter suppression, racism among a host of explanations for why a tsunami will not wipe the Republican party off the face of the planet.  If you believe the House will be 2/3 donkey in November, you are residing in an alternate universe where facts don't exist (yeah, that one).

Despite the Mueller probe, the Trump paranoia, the nation's disgust, the Republican's in Congress will not oust one of their own. History and our own eyes and ears tell us that this party will circle the wagons if there is a lynch party heading Mr. Trump's way.

And without the numbers, impeachment is  but filling our heads with a vision of a world no longer according to Trump that is ultimately mere mirage.

What's an 11 letter word meaning nothing?

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Anonymous said...

I so wish you were totally wrong, but alas....