Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Killing the Deal with Iran

We have been witness to the attempted unraveling of everything Obama by Mr. Trump. Just as Mitch McConnell swore his party's overriding task was to stop President Obama from accomplishing his goals, so Donald Trump's obsession has been to take away every last success of his predecessor.

Mr. Trump failed in his first attempt, as his efforts to kill Obamacare ended in repeated defeat, the last at the hands of his own party with the deciding vote cast by John McCain.

But if Obamacare was the signature domestic achievement of his predecessor (although righting the sinking ship of the economy might be considered as well), the seven nation deal with Iran was its foreign policy equivalent. It's essential purpose, understood by all who took part in the years long negotiations, was to temper the flames and allow space for the possibility of better days. 

But Mr. Trump recognizes none of this. He merely sees red, a bull in a China shop, wherever and whenever he looks at a deal engineered through Barack Obama. And neither logical argument nor the entreaties of our allies and signatories to the pact with Iran will keep this courier from his appointed rounds.

Mr. Trump will kill this deal, smug and satisfied as he crosses off a big item on his to do list. A man on a personal vendetta not to make America great but to diminish the legacy of a former President who had the audacity to treat Donald Trump with the amount of respect he deserved. None.


Bruce said...

Trump is looking to break Iran in half. Sanctions decimated the country which is why Iran agreed to the deal in the first place. Now, they are going to get screwed like no country before. Iran is a bad actor in a bad area. The deal should have never been made. It was aspirational, rather than realistic, but, once penned, the word of the US in writing ought to be seen through and, thus, Trump's action to renege is vengeful and pernicious. It will have very bad middle term and long term consequences for the United States as other nations will realign themselves with China and Russia, while the US recedes into its drug-addicted, fully armed, violent, debt ridden, isolationist self.

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Well said


Anonymous said...

Its just part of his plan to go to war. He wants to see parades of our soldiers going off to battle,, but he will be in a gold fringed jacket, he who avoided the war, but not when they come home in boxes or worse, being maimed for the rest of their lives.

He now has surrounded himself with war mongers. Let the war begin.

Anonymous said...

Sad world we live in right now . Is hard not to be depressed all the time!!