Thursday, May 31, 2018

Mr. Trump, We Are Sorry

("Trump Wants His Own Apology After 'Roseanne' Uproar")

Mr. Trump, we apologize. We are sorry you didn't grow up black, poor, a Muslim, living in a shithole country. We are sorry you learned from Roy Cohn how to treat other people. We are sorry for your life of privilege, for your golf courses, for the buildings with your name on them, for your helicopters and planes. We are sorry that your bankruptcies, your lawsuits, your lying did not serve as teachable moments for you. We are sorry for your tweets, sorry for your constantly feeling you are the one aggrieved, sorry for what you have done to the standing of this nation, sorry for the permission you have given us to exercise our worst tendencies in broad daylight, sorry for your sexual improprieties, sorry for your demeaning ways, sorry for your cruelty, sorry for your hatreds. We are sorry you believe you are entitled to a free pass for all of your intolerable indiscretions.

Yes, Mr. President, we are as sorry as we can possibly be for giving the ultimate compliment we can bestow upon a citizen of the United States to one so lacking in morality and basic human decency.

For all of that, and for so very much more, we are deeply, deeply sorry. For all of that, we take a knee and humbly pray for forgiveness.


Anonymous said...

Sooo good


Anonymous said...

This presidency is like a bad sitcom. I wonder if we can cancel it--RE

Anonymous said...

one of your best should be on the front page of the Times- correction-all papers lois