Thursday, May 10, 2018

On Canceling My Subscription to the New York Times

There was an article on page 2 of today's New York Times on the gathering I attended last week of the most "accomplished" of the letter writers to that newspaper.


There was one unforgivable omission. No picture, reference or quote relating to me.

Only Donald Trump and I truly know what it is like not to be fully recognized for our brilliance.


Anonymous said...

Good one!!!


PS-The above is a comment from one of the "regulars" who was in fact referenced in the article. (Robert)

tomfeyer said...

I'm canceling, too. And never speaking to those letters editors again!

Robert said...

The last comment is from the Letters Editor of the New York Times

Anonymous said...

yeah, where were you hiding? were you under a desk?
i read and reread the article looking for some adulation heaped on you for your hundreds of letters, published and unpublished. And they say all the news that fit to print? rubbish. i'm canceling my subscription to the letters to the editor.

Anonymous said...

RSN was overlooked in my book..


Eileen said...

Outrageous omission!