Thursday, May 24, 2018

Play Ball! (Or Why We Should Stop Playing the National Anthem)

("The N.F.L. Kneels to Trump")

I have a solution to the vexing problem of the national anthem and the kneeling, hand holding or other response of athletes. Stop playing the song at these events.

Blasphemy? Not really. This is a tradition, not a mandate, more of a habit than anything else, like brushing your teeth before bed. And if we are aggrieved at the insertion of issues unrelated to sport into our arenas and stadiums, then just leave the patriotic fervor firmly planted at home.

Come to watch a game? Watch a game. No "all rise and take off your caps." Keep your cap on, it is protecting you from a sunburn anyway, and instead get the first pitch, the kickoff, the tip off, the face off underway without having to first remind ourselves how much we love this nation.

We can't hide our problems by wrapping ourselves in red, white and blue. Whether we are on our feet, on our knees or lying down, the ills of this country will follow long after we leave the cocoon of wherever we find ourselves rooting on our team. So don't pretend this is all about whether or not we "honor America." Let us not go down that road.

When you go to the movies or a concert are you offended if you aren't first asked to stand and give grateful thanks to this star spangled land? 

Cut off the dilemma at its source and instead focus on what you came for. The food. And you have a lousy voice anyway. Need I remind you that you started clapping well before the end of the song?  

Grow up America.

Play ball.


Anonymous said...

In reading this, I just realized that I go to the game for the sausage and pepper sandwich.--RE

Anonymous said...

I have a better idea... Progressives and Democrats take back the American Flag as their symbol of freedom, justice, and caring for all.