Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Signed in Disappearing Ink

("An Indecent Disrespect")

We elected the ugly American to lead us into battle. That talk loudly and carry a big schtick, half crazed, take what is mine and what you thought was yours caricature of everything that people across the globe despise.

This is Mr. Trump tearing down Atlantic City and building it back up in his image, only this time it is not merely a small slice of our own universe that suffers from his moral bankruptcy and total lack of vision and understanding.

Trump treating other nations like he has those bankers he left holding the bag, make a better deal with me or fall into the abyss. 

His word is your bond. His promise is he makes no promises. His contracts have only your signature. He commands not with his presence but with his commands. All for one and that one is me. 

It is a recipe for disaster, maybe not today but there will be a reckoning tomorrow. If not now, certainly not never.

He is playing Russian roulette seemingly with everyone but the Russians, a second Amendment gun pointed only at your head.

This is not policy, it is unmitigated chest pounding of the worst kind. Dangerous, reckless. Not making America great, merely making it grate.

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Bruce said...

Trump touted his big success at getting Kim Jun Un of North Korea to the negotiations to disarm NK of their nuclear arsenal. But, Trump must have been out out playing too much golf to realize that no self respecting dictator would allow a wise ass like Trump to win an epic battle without major concessions. And now that Trump and his over confident NS advisor, John Bolton, have made this a political priority, they are on the hook. They can still salvage this. They have to go on radio-silence and agree to a big package of security for North Korea along with lifting of sanctions and an aid package. Whatever they work out, our cities and rural areas in America should have it so good.

This is exactly what you call bad policy, hubris, arrogance and naivete all packaged together.