Tuesday, May 1, 2018

The Fail-Pass Exam

Robert Mueller has been fierce and relentless in his pursuit of the truth, which has clearly led to Mr. Trump's doorstep. And here he is with four dozen inquiries meant to pierce the veil of uncertainty and get to the heart of what, where, when, why and who. Only that will never happen.

Donald Trump is a buffoon, full of false bravado, believing he can bluff his way through any situation, dancing a little two step, misdirecting and misleading anyone anywhere he wants. And sitting in the White House makes a pretty compelling argument for Mr. Trump's success in this undertaking.

But even he can intuit the risks in taking this approach with Mr. Mueller. For surely Mr. Mueller already holds the answers to the questions posed. And the President cannot score a 100 on this test with half truths and outright lies. 

This is where the road ends for the special counsel. With a "I would love, just love to set the record straight, but upon the advise of my attorney (not named Michael Cohen) I refuse to answer your absolutely stupid questions on the grounds that they are absolutely stupid", the President will inform his most obstinate critic to take his toys and go home.

Even getting the questions ahead of time, the smartest President, strike that, the smartest person who has ever lived, will never take an exam he would surely fail. So he will merely pass.  

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Anonymous said...

Madeline Albright's new book "Fascism: A Warning" makes the historical analysis that Fascism starts like this, answering only questions he wants, telling lies the rest of the time.
Really scary.--RE