Sunday, May 27, 2018

Who Is Hogan Gidley and Why Do We Care?

("The Risky Business of Speaking for President Trump")

"All for one... and, well, that's pretty much the whole statement."

It is like "Fifty First Dates" or "Groundhog Day" working P.R. for this President:
1. Wake up
2. Put out fire
3. Throw yourself under bus
4. Get up, dust off and
5. Repeat 1 to 4.

The job description:
a) absolute loyalty, not that phony "honest loyalty" of James Comey
b) a complete repudiation of your moral compass - thank you Ms. Conway for demonstrating the proper technique
c) a past that is littered with failure, or at least no notable success in this line of work (this lineup of "never wases" is too numerous to mention, and to name names would be to risk offending anyone who was inadvertantly omitted)
d) a gymnast's body, for you will surely have to twist yourself into a pretzel almost daily.

Hogan Gidley is an interchangeable part, a mere instrument here today and gone to Spicer land tomorrow. Young or old, man or woman, they are all but as one. Swearing an oath of fealty to the devil, selling their soul for nothing more than a momentary illusion of power.

Seeking their 15 minutes of fame at the king's pleasure until one day they forget to lie and then "poof" they vanish. Turned back into a frog. Or maybe a snake. Yeah, a snake would definitely be more apt.


Anonymous said...

loved it! should be on the front page. Lois

Anonymous said...

I read them all, and marvel at most of them, but never have anything worthwhile to add... and so why waste your time? But this one is just too choice not to at least acknowledge. Mickey Mantle would have been very proud to have gotten this much wood on the ball.