Tuesday, June 26, 2018

If you will have me back, I am yours

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.

I think I was a bit impetuous in making my announcement yesterday, responding to a bump in the road by steering my car over a cliff. Strike that, I was a jerk.

I was slightly wounded, but should have taken a deep breath and counted to ten before opening my mouth and pouting my way out of your lives.

Today the sun is shining bright and there is a gentle breeze in the air. My friend and I have reconciled, he by eating a small bit of crow and me by realizing that a moment's lapse is no reason to throw away a relationship that has resonated deeply for so many years.

And so I come to you with hat in hand, begging your forgiveness for my trespass.  You deserved more of me.

If you will permit, I will rescind my announcement of one day ago. Erase it from your memory bank. Consider it my mulligan.

For better, and often much worse, I promise to bore you, charm you, annoy you and maybe once in a while captivate you with my reactions to everything wrong with our political universe, as well as continuing to advise on my boatload of personal peccadilloes.

I thank all of you who have taken the time out of your day to write to me and inform of your disappointment in my earlier decision.  

If you will have me back, I am yours.


Anonymous said...

That's better!! Welcome back.


Anonymous said...

Now that’s the Robert we know, love and count on to help us cope when we mope!



Anonymous said...

Outstanding! So happy!--RE

Anonymous said...

What a lovely birthday present. - NL

Anonymous said...

good decision, thanks. now i can continue annoying my republican friends, though the probably just delete my emails with your blog anyway.


anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

takes a rare man to say he's wrong and he's sorry glad my neighbor is one of them lois

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, thank be Gods! This was like imagining New York with out the Upper West Side.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it would be reasonable for your friend to know that so many of us are very very frightened. Trump's progression through his relentless steps toward dictatorship parallel those of every historic dictator’s prior consolidation of a totalitarian government. And apparently he is well read in that study.

Your own statements have enumerated them one by one and need to include this administration’s overall plan, with full Republican support, to rework our federal system to eliminate any consideration for people at all economic levels other than those accumulating great wealth. With its accompanying depletion of the societal values of law, ethics, morals, love and caring. We are headed certainly towards an oligarchy if not toward a rule by one.

I gave an Old Boys talk a while ago, from a psychoanalytic viewpoint, on the subject, not about Trump which was the original request, but about Trump voters - detailing how, early in their lives, they were never able to achieve the emotional developmental steps required for human compassion and empathy. Melania’s “I don’t care. Do you?” coat makes that point very very well.


Anonymous said...

Okay I will take you back


Anonymous said...

Count me in!


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Great news!!!
Happy to hear you and your friend can coexist maybe there is still hope for us all!!
And you have made my day


Mark H. Schaeffer said...

Just what I wanted to hear. πŸ˜‰

Brett Kaplan said...

That's more like my Uncle. Don't diss me again homeboy.


Anonymous said...

Glad you changed your mind, if someone doesn’t like what you wrote they can simply “change the channel”


Anonymous said...

That's great! Glad to hear it.
Fred's brother in Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

You NEVER leftπŸ˜€.

Although we've given up our nightly PBS news hour = "news overload", we continue to enjoy your blog.


Anonymous said...

keep the political commentary coming!


Anonymous said...

Keep the banner of truth waving.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful epistle. The responses are truly heartening. What a unique experience to learn how much people really love you, to hear words of respect and affection so often simply wasted in eulogy.
Robbie Burns was right... "what a gift it is to see ourselves as others see us". In your case, it is a very pretty sight.