Friday, June 1, 2018

Pardon me. Excuse me.

The permission slip:

Dear America:

I hereby excuse Mr. Arpaio, Mr. D'Souza and Mr. Libby from your condemnations. Their only crime was trying to Make America Great again. And they, like me, have suffered terribly your intolerance. Now their pain has come to an end. They are victims no longer.

I will use my power to fight the deepest injustices in this country, to right the worst wrongs endured by the oppressed, to try to heal the wounds inflicted upon this nation's most aggrieved.

Do not speak to me of DNA tests refuting guilt, of drug sentences defying logic, of  historical deprivations sustained by minorities. I will hear none of that for my task is far too important to address such trivialities. 

I have the sworn duty to pardon all those who believe as I do, who speak as I do, who act as I do. In fact, I hereby grant myself a pardon from your accusations, from your suspicions, from your ugly assertions. 

Mr. Arapaio, Mr. D'Souza, Mr. Libby and President Trump. You are all hereby declared free, free to unlock your deepest hatreds, free to unchain your worst instincts, free from the bondage of civility, the rule of law, the strait jacket of decency and morality. You are truly free of all constraints. You are imprisoned no longer.

And isn't this truly the freedom that makes America great? 


Anonymous said...

You said I right on again!!!!


Bruce said...

The only real and true test of your objections (and mine, for sure) is whether or not the voters will repudiate Trump at the ballot box this coming November. Early indications show that this is likely but with excellent job numbers and a healthy stock market, many are happy to vote their pocket book and dismiss constitutional issues, abuse of power issues and personal shortcomings as irrelevant. I fear that the nation has turned into one that aspires to be one thing but acts like a Kingdom for the rich and powerful.