Friday, June 22, 2018

The Boys of the Bronx (Casey at the Bat, With a Twist)

There was nary a reason to smile for the Boys of Bronx this day

The score stood five to nil, on the short end of this fray

The king was in command and time was running out

Defeat was in the air, of that there was no doubt

But then the king did falter and soon we plated two

We owed this to our Judge, who plays the game like few

And yet the clock was ticking when Didi came to bat

When his fly of sacrifice landed we were down by two like that

Then in the penultimate frame, Gary stood at the ready

Expectations few, so long had he been unsteady

But with one magnificent blow, the game was suddenly tied

And snatching victory from defeat was like fire in their eyes

Now in the last of the ninth, two men went quietly down

But soon did Didi reach and Stanton came to town

He stood there like a god, staring at the mound

And so the crowd awaited, as batter pawed the ground

Strike one was the first call, another made it two

Down to one last strike, or extra frames our due

And then the pitcher threw it and oh the sound that followed

The hurler's heart lay broken, his insides all were hollowed

And in that single moment, Stanton had arrived

All the talk and hoopla was surely not contrived

The ball went screaming forward, the fans were screaming too

The homer when it landed, meant victory like few

And in this summer of our content, as wins just seem to abound

We love our boys of Bronx, the youth that they have found

And in the days to come, we'll dream of sweet victory no doubt

For unlike the mighty Casey, our Stanton did not strike out


Michael Gansl said...

Poetry in motion!
Music to my ears!

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Unknown said...

You’re too much. That’s great!