Tuesday, June 12, 2018

The Handshake

("Trump Claims Progress After Historic Talks With Kim Jong-Un")

This was the moment Donald Trump had waited for. Forget the myriad failures, forget the multiple attempts to destroy Obamacare, forget the Wall, forget the environmental disasters, forget the NFL, forget #Me too, forget the tax plan handout to the rich. Forget the trade war with allies. Forget all the animosities, forget all the tweets. Forget everything you found distressing, distasteful, disconcerting. Remember the handshake.

This was the photo op he desperately wanted and needed. Donald Trump, game changer. The one that demonstrated "I alone can fix it." With the sheer force of his will, making steel bend with his small hands.

He wouldn't brook the thought of an entourage in the room with him. This was no time for a team effort, for shared glory. There was to be no hint this was anything other than Mr. Trump's singular effort.

Is this but the theory that even a stopped clock is right twice a day? That Donald Trump, for all his bluster and ego, just happened to be in the right place at the right time? That the North Korean President played his cards perfectly until he caught the world's attention and could bring his country back into the community of nations, with peace and the possibility of prosperity before him? That it was he pulling Mr. Trump's strings all along? 

Or is Mr. Trump something greater than the sum of his miserable parts? We all welcome the handshake as a sign of hope for better days ahead. But it ibbles me to think that this President will go to sleep this evening with the thought that he is indeed Superman, that his approval ratings will undoubtedly jump, that we will be compelled to now admit into our minds the remotest chance that we underestimated the charlatan at 1600. That this may even change the course of the mid term elections.

Nothing stops the shouting like a good photo op. And this was a doozy.


Michael Gansl said...

"But it ibbles me to think" - not quite sure what you were thinking with using this word.
Ibble - A unit of measurement larger than a hair but to small to be measured on a standard tape measure or Ibble: Nonsense or babble, of a silly sort.
Either way, I love your use of words!

Anonymous said...

NEver Concede!!!!

I sometimes think the current fashion for political thinkers is "magical thinking". Trump ain't s--t, and it won't be long til the world finds that out.
It's demoralizing to have worked hard at understanding the tides of history and still hear the constant nihilism in the current punditry.-Sac

Robert said...

ibble -

a state of advanced irritation and/or crankiness

Bruce said...

1. Too bad Prez Trump couldn't have shaken hands with the democratically elected governor of Puerto Rico and offered this American territory a better economic and security package that he is offering to North Korea.

2. In today's America (and the world) the wealthy can get away with almost anything and rely on a system that remains predictable. Trump's foray into Singapore does nothing to inhibit the rich from exploiting North Korea's need for financial investment and gives his boosters a mere photo of what looks like success, but is really a terrible ceding of moral authority to a murderous dictator.

3. "No nukes in our time," is the slogan. Chamberlain would have been in agreement. Instead we got Rodman.

4. We must admire little rocket-man for getting legitimacy on the world stage for agreeing to what he agreed to 25 years ago.