Sunday, June 3, 2018

The Real Memo from Trump's Lawyers to Mueller

Not in a court, not in a house. Not if you scream, not if you grouse.

Not in the day, not in the night. Not if you beg, not if you fight.

Not on one foot, not standing tall. Not if you bend, not if you crawl.

Not if you coax or if you command. Not by surprise or if it is planned.

Not if it's now and, no not ever. Not if you're dumb, not if you're clever.

Not on your life and no, not on mine. Not on the street, not in a line.

Not on a boat or in a plane. Not in a car or on a train.

Not in Moscow, no not over there. Not on the moon, not anywhere.

Not today and no, not tomorrow.  Not from guilt and not from sorrow.

Not in the cold, not in the heat. Not if you scold, not even by tweet.

Not from this man will you get a word. Not what he knew, not what he heard.

Not Donald Trump, no he'll never speak. Not one tiny sound, not even a peep.

Not going to happen don't even try. Not going to answer, he'd only lie.

So throw away your subpoena, lay down your sword. Throw out your questions, they'll just be ignored.


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Loooove it!!!!!!


Michael Gansl said...

When do you sleep?
Fun piece!

Anonymous said...

Love It!