Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Three posts in one

Here is what I have held back this week:

 ("Republican or Conservative, You Have to Choose")

Come on David, you can say it. Much like the expert on tires in "My Cousin Vinny". Admit you are wrong. 

Stop making excuses, comparisons. Stop citing Roger Scruton and sounding like you know more than we do. Stop telling us it is about order or individualism. For once, speak the truth of what you see.

You are a smart man hiding behind your intellect. You have been given a sacred trust by the New York Times to provide honest reporting.

Now take a deep breath like that man on the witness stand who announced the error of his ways. That green car was not what he said it was. And the Republican party isn't either.

Make a clean breast of it. Jump ship. You will feel better for it.

('A Powerful Signal of Recessions' Has Wall Street's Attention)

How can we stop Donald? The sad truth is we can't. Only he can stop himself.

What killed the Republicans in 2008? The economy, stupid. We were in free fall when that November day came to pass, the stock market plunging lower than a Marilyn Monroe neckline. As a collective, we were about a step from taking a dive off the ledge.

I remember President Obama saying righting our fiscal ship was like trying to turn around a big ocean liner, a slow and arduous task. And it took many years before we were fully back on course and headed in the right direction.

But if anyone can quickly spin gold into straw, Mr. Trump can. A wobbly stock market, so touted by the ego in chief in earlier days, now is sending smoke signals of distress. The bond markets yield curve is flattening like a pancake.The king's self imposed trade wars present a clear and present danger to our financial health and well being. We are beginning to smell disaster in the wind.

As long as people feel the possibility that tomorrow will be better for them than today, it will be fool's folly for us to believe we can shake their belief in everything Donald. There are myriad causes for his elevation, chief among them his stoking the flames of our racism and bigotry, so shockingly pervasive in this nation.

But there is nothing like the sense of impending doom to turn believers into naysayers. 

It is not true that we have nothing to fear but fear itself. Not nearly, with this man in power. We can only pray that he turns our ocean liner around quickly and heads us directly into the path of an economic iceberg, if icebergs still exist.

Give us your worst shot Donald. We know you can kill the goose that laid the golden egg if you try. Show us that you are a genius not only in bankrupting your companies, but that you can imperil an entire nation. 

And please hurry, as the mid-terms are approaching quickly.

("Trump Wants No Due Process at U.S. Border")

Today it may be a call for the death of due process for immigrants illegally entering this country. Tomorrow it could be a call for you. Or me.

When the voice of opposition in the media is sought to silenced and crushed, when our judges are chosen for their allegiance not to the law but their leader, when the Congress is told by our President how to run its business, when all branches of government are asked to be subservient to one man, we are no longer what we were intended to be. 

Mr. Trump's latest rant by way of tweet is but symptom of a disease ravaging this nation.

If it looks like a dictatorship, talks like a dictatorship and walks like a dictatorship, a democracy is in peril.

 It is not just those seeking entry into this country who are in harm's way. It is you and me as well.


Anonymous said...

Thank G-d you're back! You're "in the room where it happened!" We need you, Robert, as you clarify what we are all feeling.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, powerful pieces- so glad you are back. Keep 'em coming!


Anonymous said...

You are back with a vengeance. Thank the Gods. also , you make a very interesting point about Trump's exacerbating a recession in time for the 2020 election.

I still think that this stupid piece of ---- will self destruct and the silver lining may be some legislation that will never allow a fool to enter the Oval Office again.
anyway glad you are back to your warrior self.- K

Anonymous said...

liked your line about dictatorship lois

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