Thursday, June 7, 2018

Trying to Avoid Stepping in the Poo

("Speaker Ryan Dismisses Trump's Charges of a Spy in His Campaign")

What do Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Bob Corker and Jeff Flake  have in common? A visceral dislike of Donald Trump?  Their searing denunciations of the President?  A Republican not afraid to speak his mind against the leader of his own party? Yes, yes and yes. But, oh there is one more small, not so coincidental similarity among these men. Like Elvis, they are all leaving the building.

All of them have only demonstrated political  "courage" on the way out the door. For years, Mr. Gowdy, Mr. Corker and Mr. Flake have been prime examples of the worst that the Republican party has to offer. And Mr. Ryan, even through gritted teeth, has smiled as he helped the President push through the tax reform legislation that met the Speaker's long time reverse Robin Hood goal. These men have not fought the good fight against Mr. Trump at their own peril. Rather they have tolerated him and even applauded him, all for their own purposes.

So, I have a hard time congratulating their recent cries of dissent. Where were they when it was not politically easy to speak, when their future was in the halls of Congress, when they knew, they knew, they knew, that this President was daily committing the worst of sins against this nation?

You are not allowed to ride off into the sunset with a wave of your arm and a hearty "Hi Ho Silver". You don't get to erase all the moments you remained silent, turning your eyes from a disaster that  you saw clearly. Don't tell us as you make your exit that this man is a threat to our welfare, a disgrace to our nation.

It is too little too late Mr. Ryan, Mr. Flake, Mr. Corker and Mr. Gowdy. The horse has already left the barn. There is poo all along the way. And you can't avoid stepping in it now.

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Anonymous said...

John Boehner recently tried portraying the Republican Party as "taking a nap".
AS you have so well-stated, their silence is not a nap, rather it is a disgrace which will adversely affect this country for decades.--RE