Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Dangerous Time to Be a Friend to America

He does not trust friendships, always looking for the angle, the opening that his ally is utilizing to try to stick a knife into his back. He finds cause for concern in virtually everything in this universe, not seeing anything but the worst of intentions.

For those who admire this man, this behavior is refreshing, uncovering an unvarnished ugly truth. For the rest of us, it is but a mirror into the dark soul of a person without an ounce of morality, someone whose psyche is deeply damaged, who finds only the gravest danger whenever and wherever the hand of kinship is offered.

As for the Putin's around the globe whose avowed goal is to destroy our beating heart, he finds little fault. To him, there is honor in hatred, in cut throat practices, in the very art of trying to beat the other guy to a pulp. It is this warfare that draws him in, as it speaks to the essence of his own being. There is, in his warped vision, a nobility here.

So we are forever more to watch this President denigrate those who stand side by side with us, while at times giving effusive praise to the ones who would leave us bleeding by the side of the road. We are trapped inside his mind, his vastly disturbing beliefs playing out across the globe.

It is a dangerous time to be a friend to America. It is a dangerous time to be America.


Anonymous said...

I'm reading the Malcolm Nance book "The Plot To Destroy American Democracy" .
Fascinating stuff. It looks more and more like Trump will be implicated as an unwitting dupe in the Russian interference in our elections. The coincidences in events leading up to the recent indictments are too great to ignore. Mueller might just do it.


Anonymous said...

More powerful stuff. I am surprised that so few people seem to have tired of Trump's ever-scowling, sullen, angry face. He stares at the camera like a caged animal. Or a child who just hasn't gotten his way. So very sad that so many people don't seem to care.