Sunday, July 15, 2018

If We Are Cut, Do Not Yankee Fans Bleed (Pinstripes)?

("The New York Yankees Are A Moral Abomination"). 

I believe I am deeply offended by the few words I could comprehend in Mr. Hart's piece. As a long time Yankee fan, I suffered gravely through the entire hazy period from 1964 to 1976 until free agency bought us, I mean brought us, back onto our rightful seat on the throne. And who can forget the wasteland of 1982 to 1994? If you cut a Yankee fan do we not bleed? Well, it may not be red, but pinstripe is a kind of color, isn't it?

Look, I sympathize (but clearly cannot empathize) with the Orioles' present dismal plight. But our riches come not from overflowing coffers but merely astute observation of raw talent. Search your own soul, or more appropriately, your own squad's front office, for the source of your consternation.

And the deepest cut of all in your unmitigated assault upon my senses? Never, and I mean never, criticize Derek Jeter as to his range or his Gold Gloves. And don't even contemplate reminding us of his treasonous act of latching on to another squad seemingly mere moments after his last futile stab at a grounder a foot or two out of reach.

Mr. Hart (or should I refer to you as Mr. Heartless) there is no room on my bookshelf for your petulance, your boorish behavior, your relentless attack on all that is good, decent and American. Make America Great Again may be but a ridiculous note scribbled on a red hat that served as catalyst for the descent of this nation into Hell, but Make the Yankees Great Again is a tattoo forever emblazoned on my heart and embroidered on the Armani suits of all who toil for the mere love of the game for my favorite team.


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Anonymous said...

Forsooth, Mr Hartless lieth. He doth hates and envies, having suffered great trauma witnessing the decline of the Abominable Birds Empire.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who defends the Yankees must be all bad....

But when the Dodgers left Brooklyn...