Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Russian Roulette

It turns out that Sarah Palin was correct. We can see Russia from here.


Bruce said...

The official foreign policy of the United States, as made by its president and State Department, has officially changed. We no longer are allied with NATO, the EU, the G7 or is our "special" relationship with the UK and to a lesser degree France, Germany and Italy what it once was. Due to the influx of non-white immigrants to these nations, the US can no longer stand by them. Instead, the tilt is a full 180-degrees towards the 99+% white Russia which is governed by an autocrat and a secret police force to assure his grip on power. This includes murder, poisoning, computerized invasion, annexation of neighboring lands and an attack on US democracy, which, in the opinion of the United States has become a major cause of concern. Democracy attracts non-white people from central and south America and many African nations. It also means that a free press can call-out certain truths to those in power who prefer to lie and thus create an alternative version of officialized facts. The only question is whether or not our nation can withstand another year or two of the current ruling power elite. None have stood up to speak out against the surrender and capitulation in Helsinki other than a few stray electronic messages. Those who do speak out are subject to character assassination.

Anonymous said...

loved it lois

Anonymous said...

NYT worthy


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