Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Donald Trump, Maverick

("So What if Trump Breaks Norms")

This is not a hypothetical equation, a mathematical deviation from the norm. This is a living, breathing deviant, spitting on his office, demeaning not only himself on a daily basis but doing grave damage to our standing and to the very notion of his station. Mr. Trump does nothing to elevate and everything to destroy the very meaning of acting presidential.

It is not merely his viciousness, his puerileness, his laziness, the pervasive ugliness. Not merely the lack of preparation, the ignorance, the stupidity that frames seemingly every decision. Not merely the jeopardy this creates for our country but the jeopardy it creates that he has permanently belittled the meaning of sitting in the Oval office, the influence it can have to raise this nation up, to bring out the best in those who look to their leader for guidance in how they should lead their lives and frame their determinations.

This is not about policy or procedure, though this President has little of either. It is about tenor and tone and the gravity of task which Mr. Trump so appallingly ignores. He has done harm in ways far greater than attacking NATO or embracing Putin. He has attacked integrity and embraced a denunciation of everything positive being President of the United States has stood for these past 242 years. 

And that is his most egregious and unforgivable sin.


Anonymous said...

45 is so stupid, he doesn’t realize that he is stupid, which is dangerous. All past presidents came into office and realized they needed expert help to navigate. Getting the best is easy, listening to their advice is easy. Having divergent views is easy.
We will survive him, and then we will have to repair all these broken links., but we will.

Anonymous said...

Feeling sadder every day, the other choices are feeling numb or being a cockeyed optimist.


Michael Gansl said...

I believe everything you say. But I ask, why do 86% of Republicans support this President? I know the simple answers, but please give me answer that we don't already know.

Robert said...

I think the answer is that he plays on his supporters weaknesses, their fears, their greed, their negative energy. Whether it be a politician afraid of losing power, a person afraid of losing control of their life, he has the horrible capacity to obliterate all the sunlight and have them focus on the darkness. And then he lets them know, every day in as many ways as possible, that only he is capable of bringing back the light. Everything else is but noise, he advises them. And they believe