Thursday, August 16, 2018

The High Cost to a Free Press

("A Free Press Needs You")

It is astounding what power one person can exert to bend our most fundamental realities. When the backbone of our nation, our free press, feels threatened and oppressed by the wild theatrics, the absurd musings, the paranoid ruminations of Mr. Trump, it is compelled, as now, to act in unison to defend its right to exist.

Your editorial, and the accompanying reference to voices near and far, large and small, is chilling testament to a moment in history few of us ever expected we would witness.

The right to challenge misdeeds questioned, bias presumed, motivations damned. Mr. Trump has made a
change in the critical perception of the value and purpose of a free press.

Among the litany of grievous wrongs committed by our President, this must rank as one of the most heinous.

A sickening, almost incomprehensible truth that is anything but fake news.


Anonymous said...

go BOB
your continued voice HELPS!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So well said. Attacks on the press have been cheered on by his followers. Every fascist leader throughout history has gotten their start by blaming the press, and have used this ruse to obtain more power. However, I think it a mistake that the press isn't doing much more. There needs to be major legal or other action to stop this Emperor Orange Fascist from further eroding the confidence in our institutions and press. The press needs an aggressive "point man" to fight for them in a very high profile way, (like Edward R. Murrow did with McCarthy in the 50's). This cannot be reporting as usual. It will take much more.--RE