Thursday, September 6, 2018


("I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration")

Are we to be grateful for these "heroes" of the administration, tasked with keeping the worst of Mr. Trump's impulses under control? 

Don't applaud yourself when you have allowed what you know is a grave danger to this nation to fester. Don't tell us it would be worse if you were not guarding us. If your sworn duty is to country over party, over self, then you long since had an obligation, a mandate, to not allow one more moment to pass without confronting this plague head on.

You have been complicit, an unindicted co-conspirator. You have colluded with others of your rank to protect not your country but your station and the charlatan masquerading as President. 

Do you want to be a hero? Show us your face and inform us in the light of day you are willing to sacrifice your career, and your party's future if necessary, to rid us of the madman. That there are things worth metaphorically dying for.

This is a battle not for the faint of heart or spirit. But it is a moment in our history that demands such a person step forth. Of such are heroes truly born. 


Bruce said...

Mattis ?

I mean.....they don't call him Mad Dog for nothing.

My initial thought is, yes, he or she should identify him/herself and tell all, but, there may be a serious threat of annihilation, war, etc. that needs to be internally crushed that requires anonymity at this time.

For now, I don't know the true inside story and shouldn't pretend to be so smart.

In a democracy all secrets are eventually revealed and I am willing to wait.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bruce. My reaction after reading the NY Times was gratitude that someone on the inside is doing his/her best to maintain a "steady state". It probably is best for the country that this person stays anonomous. As time goes on, all will be known.--RE

Rachel said...

A true leader, or at least someone with even basic commitment to the ideals of our nation, would have included reassurance in the Op Ed. Even better, someone with true bravery would have written a call to action.

In time it will surely come out. Until then, my money is on Jared. #teshuva