Sunday, September 9, 2018

Tears of Sadness in Victory

We all rooted for Serena. Our American idol, almost two decades on top of the tennis world, domination interrupted only by the arrival of her child and the very real complications of childbirth. Now at the ready to reclaim the throne here, at home in NYC, at our Open. A perfect fairy tale ending. And then this.

We can argue the merits of Serena's claims of sexism another day, the propriety of prohibiting coaching during the match, the consequences of an outburst resulting in the loss of a game at such a crucial juncture.

But what struck me most was how the joy of the moment was sapped from a 20 year old new star on the horizon. Tears of sadness and pain, not accomplishment and wonder, making her cover her face in the immediate aftermath of her astounding victory. Serena eventually recognizing that her anger was doing such damage to this young woman who was among the many who revered our American Idol. And then publicly lamenting that her unhappiness had spilled over to the other side of the net.

This was to have been Naomi Osaka's time in the sun. Sadly, it was not. I applaud her for her extraordinary skill and determination. But most of all I will remember this day for why she cried.


Anonymous said...

Serena rained on the parade of a true champ. She showed no respect for anyone and immaturely could not accept the consequences of her horrible actions. A sad day for tennis. Prima donna goes bad.


Anonymous said...

Being a black woman who is also the top female tennis player for so long comes with pressures and burdens. Her financial sponsorships are enormous and I am sure bring their own set of pressures. Serena should have been the grown up on the court..voice her dissent but to create such a negative and terrible distraction during a finals Tournament that she was clearly losing and was clearly out played is wrong and poor sportsmanship. She agreed to play by those rules. Yes the ump was harsh. Yes her behavior was inexcusable.

Imagine if she could have been a true champion and role model by voicing her objections strongly and then forcefully at the press conference. Joining Billie Jean and others to be a POSITIVE voice for change. Now that would have been something for the next generation and the world to admire. Strength and sometimes that requires restraint!! S

Anonymous said...

Despite the pressure of the game, Serena's behavior was deplorable. She has hurt herself and the tournament. The umpire, despite his supposed good reputation, was not clear enough to announce to everyone what lay in store for her. If he had announced what the next penalty would be, with clarity, perhaps the outburst could have been avoided. On the other hand, he is not a babysitter. Bottom line: a shameful display for the world to see.